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Free stuff with no referrals!

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25th July 2005

blinkyster7:36pm: yea
this is awesome get payed just for clicking a link in your email!!! you dont even have to read the email take a look.. you get a $10 bonus when you sign up checks are sent out monthly
Get Paid To Read Emails

7th June 2005

chadathan11:56pm: Free PSPs, Ipods, USB Memory Drives and more - THE EASIEST PROGRAM FOR SURE!!!
ok i have OFFICIALLY found the best and easiest site to refer people too, I already got my free ipod shuffle from them just telling a few guys in my department at work.

instead of stupid "offers" others sites have, YOU JUST JOIN 1 PORN SITE! haha it kicks ass!

help me get my free PSP - click here


14th February 2005

twangard4:16pm: Here's how it works...
Simple concept, and it works! Just go to http://www.trialclix.com/index.asp?refID=69616 and sign up for an account.

Once you are a memeber, you can complete trial offers and get points for doing them. There are many offers, ranging from free dvds and video game rentals, to good deals on website hosting, and free streaming music (plus many more).

After you get points for doing these offers, you can turn them in for prizes. The easiest one to get is a $25 gift certificate to amazon.com but I think most of you are interested in the ipod, ipod mini, or TV. In all, there are 34 prizes to choose from (much better than other sites), and you don't have to rely on your friends. That said, you can still get 75 additional points for each friend that you tell about this great offer.

Any questions, leave a comment for me

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